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Main functions of Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Updated: 2021-03-12

Guiyang Bureau of Culture and Tourism is a county-level department under Guiyang Municipal People's Government. As it administers the affairs involving radio and television, it is also called the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau).

The Bureau implements the policies and decisions made by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee on culture, tourism, radio and television, and adheres to and strengthens the Party's centralized and unified leadership over culture, tourism, radio and television while performing its duties. Its main functions include:

(1)To deliberate on policies and measures on culture, tourism, radio and television; and to draft regional laws, regulations and rules on culture, tourism, radio and television.

(2)To make plans for the development of cultural cause, cultural industry, tourism, as well as radio and television; to make plans and implement the development scheme and promote the integrated development of culture and tourism; and to promote the reform of culture, tourism, radio and television system and mechanism.

(3)To implement the Party's publicity policies and formulate policies and measures for the service management of radio and television, online audio-visual programs; to strengthen the management of public opinions on radio and television; and to guide the correct orientation for creation.

(4)To promote the opening up of the cultural and tourism sectors; to guide and manage cultural and tourism exchanges, cooperation, publicity and promotion; to promote the overall image of culture and tourism; to organize and guide large cultural and tourism activities; to formulate and implement tourism market development strategies; to develop Guiyang into a tourism city. To guide and promote the coordinated development of air, rail and high-speed road transportation. To develop and cultivate air route and railway travel products and to steer the development and cultivation of domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and international routes by air, charter flights and special train services.

(5)To guide and manage the cause of literature and art, artistic creation; to support representative and exemplary literary and art works that embody socialist core values; and to promote all kinds of arts and art forms.

(6)To take charge of public cultural undertakings; to promote the construction of the public cultural and tourism service system; to implement cultural projects benefiting the people; to enhance the standardization and equalization of basic public cultural service; to guide the construction of key cultural and tourism facilities; to carry out radio and television-related public service projects and public welfare activities; and to supervise the construction of radio and television infrastructural facilities.

(7)To promote the application of big data and scientific and technological innovation and development in the fields of culture, tourism, radio and television. To advance informatization and standardization in culture, tourism, and radio and television industries.

(8)To protect intangible cultural heritage and strengthen the protection, inheritance, popularization, promotion and revitalization of intangible cultural heritage.

(9)To make overall plans for the cultural, tourism, radio and television industries, formulate detailed plans and policies for their development in accordance with the law; to implement them after approval; to conduct general survey, data collection, protection and utilization of cultural and tourism resources, so as to promote the development of the cultural and tourism industries.

(10)To guide and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure; to attract investment and key tourism projects; to coordinate the development and promotion of tourism commodities; and to boost the high-quality development and high-end consumption in the cultural and tourism sector.

(11)To promote the development of ecological tourism, regional and municipal tourism, and rural tourism; to develop tourism in the whole region and help relieve poverty through cultural tourism development; to participate in the strategy of rural revitalization, and coordinate the city's construction of a "world-famous tourist destination".

(12)To guide the development of culture and tourism market; to supervise the operation and safety of the market; to regulate the order market according to law; to promote the quality management and brand cultivation of enterprises, and promote the construction of spiritual civilization and credit system. To organize and coordinate the standardization of culture and tourism industries. To rate and standardize management and promotion of star-rated hotels, summer resort boutique hotels, accommodations according to its authorities.

(13)To guide the comprehensive administrative law enforcement of the city's culture and tourism market; to organize and deal with the illegal acts involving cross-regional culture, cultural relics, publishing, radio, television and film markets. To supervise the handling of major and important cases; to carry out law enforcement supervision, administrative reconsideration and administrative response, and maintain market order.

(14)To draw up plans for the development of cultural relics and Museum undertakings, coordinate and guide the work of cultural relics protection and museums, and promote the construction of the public service system for cultural relics and museums. To be responsible for the supervision and administration of cultural relics and museums. To promote the informatization and standardization of cultural relics and museums; to transform the scientific and technological achievements in cultural relics protection.

(15)To develop the military-civilian integration and poverty alleviation in line with its functions; to increase investment in science and technology and improve the innovation ability, and provide guarantee for innovation-driven development; be responsible for safe production and fire safety in the industry; to manage the big data development and application and government data resources according to regulations; to promote the standardized management, sharing and opening of government data resources in accordance with laws.

(16)To undertake other assignments entrusted by the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, Guiyang Municipal Government as well as the provincial department of culture and tourism, radio and television.

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